Friday, April 17, 2015

Springtime for DC

It's here! 

Spring is in the air.

People are riding bikes.

Grilling outside

Being in love/being a dog

And wearing denim jackets (FINALLY)! 

Nice weather = Waterfront time.

If you come to DC on a nice day, go to the bars at the Georgetown waterfront…like these 27409834024893 people did. As you can see, it gets pretty fun. Sometimes too fun. 

Everyone loves the waterfront, including these dogs.

…who later tried to fight their way to the bar? 

Seemingly overnight, DC exploded with flowers.

And the cherry blossoms, which everyone is freaking out about (rightly so).

They are mostly white, which is confusing because last year they were pink.

I found just one pink tree this year.

Literally, people are dancing in the street. Everyone's getting very excited for all the things Spring 2015 has to offer.

Which is a lot!

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