Friday, April 18, 2014

Go And See The Cherry Blossoms

I know they're just trees, but actually they are really worth it and just as amazing as everyone says they are. Also - "just trees?" Come on. Grow up. 

It's like when I lived in New York for the first 24 years of my life. My parents raised me well, and we went to look at everything you should. But then I was a Grown Up, and every summer my friends and I said "Let's really make the most of the city this summer" but of course we didn't. You always say you're going to do all this stuff, but life gets in the way of your life.  So last weekend we decided to grow up and just go look at the trees. It was wonderful. And terrible and annoying (people), but overall really really great. 

I tried to get what it looks like when all the petals start blowing around like snow but one million times better because it's not cold and they are flowers. (I didn't really get it.)

But I did get what it looks like when they all cover the Tidal Basin, which is the most beautiful garbage you've ever seen.

I'm color blind (in that I see the world in color but I consistently fail the color blind test at the eye doctor), so maybe the Washington Monument is clearer to you than it is to me. I see it, but only kind of and because I know it's there.

Point being, Go See The Trees. I mean that literally and metaphorically. 

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