Friday, April 10, 2015

When The Husband's Away

When my husband is away, I try to fill my calendar with a ton of things.  If I pause, I will end up on the couch crying to Real Housewives re-runs, and it's not pretty.

First things first: I always get a bunch of flowers so the house cheers me up.

Another important priority: wine with friends.

One night a bunch of us went to the Georgetown Piano Bar. 

As you can see, we were this guy's only customers, so he had no buffer from all our Taylor Swift requests, which he was really cool about. 

When my husband is away, at first I throw away all thoughts about being healthy and just do whatever is easiest. 

Sometimes this means eating on the floor.

(But then I remember he's going to come back, so I try to get it together.)

When my husband is gone I do a ton of homework, because as Jerry Seinfeld says of going to the racetrack when he's on tour, well you've gotta do something.

And this is my self defense: this shower curtain which I'll use to lock the bedroom door when the burglar breaks in.

But really this is what makes me feel better: leaving the lights on at night. I'm sorry about my carbon footprint, but I saw The Shining at a very young age and have not recovered. 

Also I wear things like this.

…and my glasses, and my husband's sweatshirts.

And his ring. He couldn't bring it, so I keep it safe. 
i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)

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