Friday, September 26, 2014

Summer Camping

I just started grad school, so weekends to just go camping with friends are few and far between. 
This was a really nice one. 

DC will never ever ever be NYC, but one of the really fun things about it is how easily you can be in The Country, and The Country is incredibly beautiful. 
(Also: Remember when this place looked like this?)

After taking in the scenery, we set up camp.  Pictured above are the essentials.

Light source #1: headlamp. 

Brick amused himself playing with a sandal. 

And then "we" made a fire. This is magnesium. (Light source #2)

Firefly by the fire. (Light source #3)

Once the fire was up and running (light source #4), we put food on and enjoyed the evening.

Sun went down, nods came out. (Light source #5.)

And of course chem lights.  (Light source #6.)

Some things (like Fireball) just taste better out of a metal cup. How did we have so many sources of light but only one party-sized bag of cheetos? 

In the morning the mist came out, and the sun came out, and then we packed up our tents and went home. I'm not really into the Great Outdoors, but when your life has become textbooks and case studies and problem sets, it's really really great to put those down and go outside. 

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  1. Devin grinning and Lovely grimacing. Glad to see y'all had some good times camping, Soph.