Sunday, August 17, 2014

Honeymooning In Key West Part 3: The Importance of Ernest

This is Ernest Hemingway's house.

I mentioned before that we included a quote from Moveable Feast, our mutual favorite book, in our wedding program. So coming here was very meaningful for us.

With romantic signs like this, how could it not be? You might be surprised how much of the house is cat-focused, but you would be wrong.

Oh hi!

Why do you all have so many toes?!

Apparently their HR department is also very cat-focused.


Ok, but there is a lot more to the house than cats, hard as that may be to believe at times. 
Here is some proof.

The title of this book captures (!) something I always forget when I'm taking pictures - it's not just taking pictures (seeing a moment and taking a picture of it), though that is important as well. But you can also make pictures - move things, move yourself, etc.

Key West really loves Ernest Hemingway, which is understandable and smart of them. 

And where it all comes together? Sloppy Joe's of course.

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