Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fuel to the Fire: Winter Camping

Thoreau "went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately." 

We were there for GORUCK Selection, where the participants did confront some of the essential facts of life. But we were more focused on the essential facts of winter camping. Specifically Ranger TV (fire) and pouring gasoline on it. 

Here are some more essential facts of winter camping.

Pack the necessities.

Rules are stupid, a lot of the time.

...but break them and a SWAT team may be dispatched to hunt you down. Literally.

MREs are gross looking.

But everybody loves Cup Noodles.

Despite how far away you feel from everything...

...you can always find a Starbucks. (And a cool way to keep them hot.)

No matter how hard they like to seem...

Even the most quiet professionals get pretty silly.

Another fact: ain't no shame in sleeping in the car.

Good firewood is crucial.

But tents for dogs are idiotic. Even dogs agree and will do pretty much anything to get out.

Another big lesson of the trip was how literally Chris likes to add fuel to the fire. 

And again.

But mostly, when you're with good people and you've got a good fire going, everything else is pretty good too.

Really good.

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