Saturday, December 15, 2012

Pool Jumping at Blair's

We were at Blair's house, hanging out on the back porch when she mentioned that the big wall over there separated her porch from a hotel pool.

As you can see by the twinkle in Chris's eye, you can't keep a good GB down (meaning down on solid ground). 

So up he and Devin went. This wall is approximately 15 feet high. 

...And took those monkeys about 1.5 seconds to scale. It was like watching squirrels. Giant, beer-soaked, human-sized squirrels.

They were pretty thrilled about it. 

 Initial intelligence had reported this would be pretty hilarious. Post-mission AAR (After Action Report) conclusions were that the raid on the hotel pool had been successful.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank myself for my service."


  1. thanks for the topless photo of Cap...really made my day

  2. Wait does that stand for Captain America?