Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Emily's Birthday

You know my thoughts on Brooklyn, but for Emily there is nowhere I wouldn't go. (Ok, Queens might be pushing it.)

The balloon that got away.

Like that episode of Sex and the City where they have a BBQ on the roof after Samantha invites the pre-op prostitutes who first she was in a fight with. (Also ew, who would be Miranda? You know who you are.)

We always give each other a bag of cash with instructions on how to spend it.

Emily made her skirt into pants.

A baby showed up. She is a baby Gap model, but her dad could have been lying. Wait, he also could have been lying about being her dad. The plot thickens!!

No, let's be honest, this baby is definitely a model. She really knows how to work a hat, and you KNOW my feelings on fedoras.

Also, a dog.

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