Sunday, December 2, 2012

Beach Cooking in Topsail

A very good influence told me that taking a few days away from the computer would not be such a bad thing. (#FirstWorldProblems, I know.) So we drove down to Topsail, North Carolina.

 We were lucky enough to be shown the ropes in "leaving real life at the door" by two of America's all time Vacation Experts.

(I feel like I have to say this every time so I don't seem like a jerk, but this one's for the cheap seats in the back. Clearly I didn't take the photos that I am in.)

You'll see a lot of photos like this on this blog. That's because it's actually kind of hard to take photos of Devin where he doesn't look like a superhero. 

We picked up the priorities of cooking and got to work.

(Well, Devin got to work.)

("I really like making fires." Oh.)

We played Pictionary while the burgers were burgerizing.

I think I was trying to convey bicycle seat...or peddle, I dunno. 

The Vacation Experts thought we did a pretty good job.

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