Friday, December 7, 2012

Carlos and the Dog Fight

(It's not a real dog fight. So let's end those fears right now.)

This is Carlos. He's great.

I can see how you might think he looks mean - tattoo with flames, etc. - but he's among the most mild-mannered of the guys I work with. He's a very good influence on all of them. He's currently working on their nutrition. 

I mentioned this is not about a dog fight with real dogs, and I meant it. Look, here's a photo of Carlos with a real dog. See how well they get along?

When Carlos leads GORUCK Challenges, he has the participants fight him. Anyone - girls, guys, young, old, military, civilian. Oh, and this is in front of the entire team. 
It's a lesson in facing your fears and just doing things. 

Just to clarify, these are people who paid money to learn from him. (This is Carlos wrestling Jacob, the son of a dear family friend. Robin, please don't be mad.)

And learn they do. And they love him for it.
The end.

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