Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Vienna Gets It

After Spain, I went to Vienna to visit my mom and step dad. I love this city (and seeing my family [and seeing horses]).

First of all, they love beautiful desserts. I second that emotion. This is a little cake with a crystalized violet flower on top. (Fun fact: I probably should have gotten a souvenir besides dainty crystal candy for my Big Bad Green Beret husband. Weirdly he wasn't as tickled by this as I was.)

My mom, step dad, and I spent some time walking through their neighborhood outdoor market and tasting a lot of delicious things. 

(However, if you know me, you know I didn't try this.)

The city is incredibly beautiful. 

And cafe culture is really my jam. I love anywhere you can sit drinking coffee until you switch to wine and there are lots of newspapers and magazines. 

I really love trying other countries' take on Asian food, since I hear ours in America is a pretty far cry from authentic. My cousins from North Carolina were also able to come over to Vienna at the same time, and we had a fun and delicious dinner at this restaurant near where my mom and step dad are living. 

Oh also this.

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