Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Global Ready

Finally - Global! 

Global is the Second Years' big final project ("CULEX" for you military types), a consulting project for a real company based overseas. We worked in our teams for about five months. At the end we went to our client's office to present to them. My team went to Barcelona/Barthhhhhelona, so spoiler alert ham is going to be a central part of this narrative.

The food was enough of a reward for all of our hard work. I mean really it was unreal.

So much cheese all the time.

And wine.

And sangria. 

And paella! I was very adventurous (my version of adventurous) and didn't even say anything when we ordered seafood paella, which turned out to be amazing, obviously.

Oh and also sangria. 

(In case we got homesick. Thanks, Starbucks!)

I forget what this drink was, but it was fun. 

And desserts. The one photo I was able to grab before this was demolished by everyone, and by everyone I mean Rachel. 

And factory tours.

And Gaudi.

And more Gaudi!

And art.

And nature.

And art museums.

And entrepreneurship.

And the point of the whole trip: We actually did do a real presentation for our client, and it was great. True, the location helped (this is our client's amazing beachfront HQ), but regardless we were really happy with how it went.

For me, the highlight of the trip was a bar that only served Cava and cheese and meat. 

We had some great class dinners:

(Which usually ended like this.)

And one time ended like this. Good one, guys.

And baby Thomas was there!

Which was really fun for everyone. 

It was a ton of work to get to Barcelona, but in the end it was beyond worth it*, and it was great to celebrate Global with my classmates. 

*Also it was mandatory.

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