Monday, August 4, 2014

Honeymooning In Key West Part 2: Fancy Meeting You Here

Of course the honeymoon was about Just Us Two, but running into friends was definitely not an unwelcome surprise.

They were down there for training. A fun thing about Key West is its appreciation for Special Forces. I always want to brag (Bragg #SeeWhatIDidThere?) about my husband, but that's not considered classy. Quiet Professionals and all that. So it was nice being somewhere that celebrates SF and knows that it's not the same as SEALs.

When I asked this guy if I could take a picture of his shirt, and explained about my husband, 
he broke out his 19th Group coin.  (Sidenote - I thought he was going to give me the coin as some kind of Welcome To The Family thing. He was just showing it to me. I always think things are presents that are just things that belong to somebody else.)

If you know what to look for, there is SF stuff all over the place.

(Ok, that's my husband.)

Anyway, back at Sloppy Joe's and Irish Kevin's we were having a ball. 

Also. LOOK at Garrett.
Here he is, leaning out a window to obtain some Situational Awareness. 
Or maybe this was a Show of Force. 

Not that we wanted an entire ODA on our entire honeymoon, but it was great to see the guys, and we had a blast at Sloppy Joe's.

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