Monday, April 28, 2014

The Pollitts were/are in DC

Pollitts assembled in Georgetown for a wonderful afternoon.

First stop - a new bench for Great Grandma Mima, Grandpa Basil, Great Uncle Dan, and Great Aunt Jean in the wonderful Oak Hill Cemetery. 

Not to be too Edgar Allan Poe-tastic, but my mom and I really want to have a picnic here. 

My cousin Dan, also known as Middle Dan, also formerly known as Young Dan (until he had a son who is now Young Dan), made moving and funny remarks. Some of them were from my mom's book.

He brought some great old photos.

And what would a Pollitt affair be without some good folk song singing?

(Middle Dan and me - classic shoe style.)

Then we all went to Martin's, where we had lunch, looked at old photos, and some of us drank Wild Turkey in honor of Grandpa Basil. I had pinot grigio and know he would have been OK with that.

Cousin Dan brought pictures of Great Uncle Dan and Grandpa Basil during World War Two. Here they are when they were able to see each other on Saipan. 

On the back:"Our children should know we were once slim."

After lunch, it was time for Dan's Tour of Great Moments in Pollitt Real Estate History in Georgetown.

Here's where Great Uncle Dan and Great Aunt Jean lived when Dan was born. The new owners had some very right-on, leftist posters in the window, which sounds about right.

Middle Dan and Young Dan.

Last stop - Great Grandma Mima's house, pictured above then (with Great Grandma Mima)...

…and now, with my mom.

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