Saturday, January 5, 2013

Goodbye C102

I'm feeling nostalgic because this place is on the market and I'll be showing it to some new people this weekend. I hope they appreciate the porch like we did. 

Pretty standard to show up at work and see someone sleeping in a hammock.

This seems like something Lou would make.

(Chris saving a squirrel.)

Mission successful. 

What kind of Operator brings these and thinks he's not going to get made fun of?

Remember when we had an intern?

Also, remember when Patrick showed up in a suit?

Impromptu War Stories and Free Beer happened on the regular. Iphones are very helpful in these situations to make things more #multimedia.

Pictured on the fridge above Patrick's right shoulder is Polly and me at the Grand Canyon last summer, one of the best memories of all my memories.

This being Polly. She is now engaged (!!!!) and living in San Francisco with wonderful Rob. She is also one of the great loves of my life (but probably in a different way than for Rob).

(Polly took this one and the one below)

Pretty standard to see that in the bathroom.

Don't ask. It's not good.

(Jason took this one, but I'm using it because it captures a moment, as he would say. Hope that's OK.)

When Java bit Chloe.

Everyone has lived at C102 at some point, including me (thanks again, Jason), and I will always feel a lot of feelings when I am in the neighborhood.

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