Tuesday, November 27, 2012

GORUCK Challenge DC

This summer, the GORUCK Challenge came to DC.

Cadre are always prepared - snacks, 5 hour energy, and floss-stick-things.

I would try to explain this, but I really can't.

Class 183 in front of the White House.

Walking through a city for 12 hours definitely shows you things you hadn't known about before. (Sometimes you kind of preferred not knowing about them.)

We crossed over to Teddy Roosevelt Island, where we met up with some of the other classes.

A nice chance to see some of the other guys. This is Patrick in a rare peaceful moment. (You should have seen him when he found out ALL THOSE people are in line for CUPCAKES.)

"None of us is as diabolical as all of us."

Back to Georgetown.

The exorcist stairs.

The guys were modeling some of the newest gear.

The end!

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