Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Trip to Sea Island

We had a "company retreat" to Sea Island, Georgia. Three days of working hard and playing harder, especially when we were playing Cornhole. 

The drive down - the cars aligned, for a bit. Hi, Blair!

Chloe was there, wearing her Cone of Shame.

Jack cooked chicken, which first looked like a crime scene and later tasted delicious.

Chloe was allowed to take her cone off for a bit. She was happy about it.

Lovely and Brick shared a moment of knowing they were the only ones still somewhat grounded in reality.

The ocean's calling, as it is want to do.

Like a siren from a distant shore.

Polly standing in the hole she fell in. 

I got in trouble. (And obviously did not take this photo. Or any of the ones I am in. Right.)

At one point my life's ambition was to be featured on the GORUCK gear site as a sweatshirt model. Though I have since achieved this goal, I hope I have more to offer. I am willing to model hydration bladders free of charge.

Priorities of work/packing.

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  1. Nice shots, soph. If you would have taken the ones of you, they would have been even better!