Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Italy Part 2: Blending In

 I'm really really really trying hard not to title this post "...As the Romans do," so I'm going with another Italian classic: "Oh, you blend" (Mona Lisa Vito). 

On our trip, we did a lot of stuff that locals do.
Such as watch soccer outside. (Well, watch soccer at all. I mean football. I mean calcio.)

We hung out with the cool local youths at this fountain.

We agree, we do not like war or tourist menus either.

Ok, this is really what American college students studying in Italy do, not cool local Italians per se, which is go to a super cheesy bar and get yelled at for using your camera. (Sneak attack!) But this band was really fun, and we had a ball so whatever.

We did eat and drinks with you plural!

(And HOW.)

We sat amongst the ruins and thought important thoughts about empire-building and also where to get dinner.

And most importantly we took in beautiful things with our eyes and had an amazing time, and now I have to go to work everyday and it's fine and I'm learning a TON, and it's been some really great personal growth, but also can we please go back and drink wine outside and not care what time it is?

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