Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I'm so helpful

(Sung to the tune of "Fancy")

This was our bed a few months ago.

And this is such an incredibly small portion of all the stuff. 

It's not nothing to pack for a military school - meaning a trip, usually to an American base, where you go learn a new skill, get certified in something, etc.  So it's kind of a family affair when it's getting to be that time. 

One time I wrangled a pretty great assembly line of pre-workout powder*.  I confirmed what we learned in my Operations class - batching is almost always a great idea.  *(UPDATE: "It's post-workout powder, if you want to get it right.")

Yeah so I really rock at assembling bags of snacks.

Lots of lists to keep orderly.

Oh the lists! 

Sometimes the best way I can help is just by sitting there and hanging out and sharing all of my very interesting thoughts and feelings.

Or by providing the entertainment - like by trying to put his ruck on.

Ok but to be fair, look how big that bag is compared to what I normally carry:

Oh and this other time "we" (he) made a cool little pouch to go in his notebook.

Easy as one...


Somehow it turns into this...


And the hits just keep on coming. Later "we" (he) made sure the tent was still good and functional.

Totally normal day in the park. 

As you can see, the wind was coming from a due southwardly direction. (?)

And look how small it folds up!

So...cheers to how helpful I am!

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