Thursday, February 19, 2015

Winter Hike and Boot-Breaking

Lovely day for a hike!

This was my last opportunity to join my husband on one of his workout days, since he'll be traveling a lot soon, so I hiked too.

My husband poured one liter of water into each boot to break them in. 

(Remember that photo where everything was covered in ice? Yeah.)

And then this, just to make 100% sure.

As I said, it was not. warm. A far cry from the last time we were there.

But it was still really beautiful and fun.

As an NYC child, my frame of reference for what this ice looks like: smashed car windows! Right?

In case anyone was wondering if Gatorade stains hands - it does.

Some very brave kayakers. 

Also. Not sure if anyone else has been thinking it, but...


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