Thursday, January 8, 2015

Shavin' for the Weddin'

Today we do not mourn the death, we celebrate the life...of this beard.

If you have to wear this...

…you have to do this.

But the fun thing is I got to see what my husband would look like in a parallel universe in which I am OK with this facial hair situation.

!!! Or this.

The end!

Just kidding. This is the finished product. We toasted the beard and then went down to Mal's wedding.

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  1. Hi Sophie!
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    I've had an idea brewing in my head for quite a while to publish a journal between a friend and I in high school, and The Notebook Girls was the first book I found that has a similar idea and managed to get published without a million editors tearing it apart and making it more "marketable" or "palatable," which I admired.
    It's great to see you're still writing (and taking photos too - I also wear the entrepreneur photographer hat sometimes :)). Would you be willing to talk about the process of publishing the book over email? I would gladly take any advice or tips you have to offer. I'm at via.perkins[at]
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