Thursday, January 15, 2015

Improvisation with Cookies

I wanted to make cookies - which in itself is already a huge stretch for me. Two hours on Pinterest gazing at adorable baked goods and stationery got me really really pumped to make the most beautiful and delicious cookies in the world and then somehow display them fabulously.

…Realizing you actually need a rolling pin almost took the wind out of my sails.

…I said almost.

If it's very important to you that all of your cookies be perfect circles of the same size, but life did not give you cookie cutters, you are not alone. Shot glasses keep that problem stayin' solved. 

(PS speaking of Type A, the fact that the sword is not straight, so it does not create equal angles where it intersects with the hopefully perpendicular arrows…I can't even talk about it.)

Sprinkles, because I'm not a dummy. 

I think they turned out really well. And before you even think about disagreeing, realize that some of these very cookies were given to SANTA. Do you think you deserve better cookies than Santa??

Or Bill?!?!?

..That's what I thought.

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