Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Summer Nights in Georgetown

Nights in Georgetown have a few staples. 

1. Rhino Bar.

(Full disclosure for this photo - we were just about to launch R.E. Sunglasses on the website and we needed a few more pictures and come on don't you want to buy these now? Also D looks really cute so just lay off me.)

Pictured above is Dave, manager of Rhino Bar. He and the guys go way back + he is really really great + he hosted one of the most fun War Stories events, including a prank even I must admit was pretty good, calling me the morning of War Stories and Free Beer to say they had to cancel to throw an emergency party for a senator + he gave us a ton of free champagne when D and I got engaged = he is pretty great.


There is a reason Chris looks so at home in this picture. Because he practically lives at Rhino Bar. 

2. Sometimes things get random and we go nice places like Daily Grill.

(Very fancy. Orange press? Are you kidding?)

(But really that was only one time.)

3. Old Glory is another place we can often be found. 
And you already know I love taking pictures there. Here are a few of my favorites.

Here's a friendship being born at Old Glory:

4. Then we walk home. Because we live so close to everything and it's so great.

Sometimes the walk is really far so we have to take a break.

4.1 - And we stop at 7-11 for ice cream.


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  1. You guys have so much fun; i'm jealous from across the river.