Tuesday, July 23, 2013

When Kristen met Kristin

Disclaimer: This post has a lot of photos. That's my fault. It's because I'm having a hard time feeling confident in representing the participants in this transgender fashion show my dear friend Kristen brought me along to. (She is not transgender. She is a reporter on our local news station, and she let me tag along when she covered the show. Not that you can't be both transgender and a news reporter.) 

Due to my own ties with the SOF (Special Operations) community, both personal and professional, the person I feel the most duty to here is someone also named Kristin. Kristin Beck is transgender and a former SEAL.

Point being - the tremendous courage all the participants in the show displayed makes me feel the stakes are higher than usual for me, because the stakes are deeply tied in with the subjects' sense of self. Their aesthetic journey - granted, just one part of their journey - has not been an easy one. However, it's one worthy of knowing, I think.

Below is my dear friend Kristen Holmes interviewing our new friend Kristin Beck.


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  2. Thank you so much for everything you are doing to bring attention to a group of Americans that are still being prejudiced against and treated unfairly by the government and workplace.

    Laws need to change in our country to catch up with times and start treating every AMERICAN equally no matter what color, gender, creed, religion, sexual preference, height, weight, size or what ever. Enough is enough and we need to really be the "LAND OF THE FREE."
    Europeans have been the leaders in freedom and we just don't get it here in America.
    Europe has had genderless restrooms for decades. They have no problems with this!!!
    Europeans do not see sex as "bad" or "evil" or something that needs to be controlled by religion AND there is a drastically lower percentage of sexual predators in Europe than in America. WHY IS THAT?
    When will the religious dogmas stop intervening on politics and nature?
    I propose that if religion continues to interfere with and contribute to politics that RELIGION should START paying TAXES.

    When the politicians start understanding that the majority of Americans just want:
    to be left alone,
    live free,
    the STATES to have the majority of rights not the FED,
    to clean up the current laws by getting rid of most of them and enforcing whats on the books,
    and treat EVERYONE as equal,
    and stop treating some groups as "special"
    get rid of taxes on all " life necessities"
    Get rid of the IRS and have a flat income,
    incorporate a "luxury tax,"
    AND most important Tax the heck out of professional athletes and entertainers and entertainment and give that money to school teachers, law enforcement, firemen, public servants so they make a decent living as THEY ARE THE FUTURE.)

    AND the THEN the PEOPLE need to:
    FIRST pull up themselves by the boot straps and WORK toward a common goal of happiness and self sufficiency as individuals,
    work as a COMMUNITY for the common goal of equality and fairness AND dignity and respect for ALL THINGS around each of us and around the world....

    THEN we will be the "LAND OF THE FREE" and really be a beacon to the world and a real leader and not just a bully with a big stick.
    -Kristin Beck

  3. I didn't know you did this!! Awesome awesome. Must have been such a cool time.