Monday, February 25, 2013

Healthy Competition in Alexandria

This is the person competing with me for Devin's heart. Game. On. 

She is the daughter of Devin's dear friend Mike. When we all had dinner at Pizza Paradiso in Alexandria, VA, her mom warned me I might not be so warmly received, but I was still surprised. I've never been stared down like that by someone in third grade.

Her little sister tried to distract me by being really cute - you can see here that Mike is totally falling for it - but I couldn't be fooled. I saw what was going on right under my nose.

...long talks...

...showing off her new karate moves...

In the end, though, we all along. I think it was the pizza. How can you let differences get in the way when there's all that cheese? (And ultimately, I can't really blame her.)

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