Saturday, November 28, 2015

Hey Chief!

My husband just made the big switch to being a Special Forces Warrant Officer, so we went down to good old Fort Bragg for his graduation. 

Every time I say Warrant Officer someone asks me "Like Dog the Bounty Hunter?" So real quick: no, not like Dog the Bounty Hunter. It means you're the Subject Matter Expert in whatever your unit is into, which in this case is Unconventional Warfare. 

This was waiting for me upon my arrival at Hardy Hall - in The Airborne Inn, the hotel with my second favorite name (after Wesleyan University's The Wesley Inn) - which made my day. 
He gets it.

The night before graduation there was a Wives Mixer and Regimental Dinner. They were at the local Special Forces Association, which has a ton of artifacts teams have donated over the years. I assume our lady friend in the upper right has some historical significance.

The saddle from the Horse Soldiers.

I wish I had photographed all of the stuff they had, which was incredible, but I'll just leave you with this golden statue of Saddam that a team "acquired."

I also got my own pin, now that I'm an Officer's Wife. I hear this comes with a lot of perks, like people are nicer to you at the grocery store, and that kind of makes me want to not accept any of the privileges - because of #classism and #equality.

This is the ceremony. 
You can't hear The Ballad of the Green Berets, but rest assured we listened to it. I assume someone is working on "The Ballad of the Consultant" and cannot wait to have my own song.

This was really cool and moving. Each guy had someone pin his shoulder boards on him, so I got to do that with my husband's former Detachment Commander. (Again, unrelated to Dog the Bounty Hunter.) I will admit it was kind of stressful doing that in front of a lot of people and trying not to hold up the line, but everyone was very patient and eventually I got it. 

My husband and his sister.

SF loves JFK. He formally authorized the green beret for Army Special Forces, calling it "a symbol of excellence, a badge of courage, a mark of distinction in the fight for freedom." 

I feel like now every unit has a beret in a different color, so just know that this is the OG beret.

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