Wednesday, August 26, 2015

DC Scenes

So truth be told, I did not love DC when I first got here - and I felt that way for a while.

Moving to Georgetown helped a lot. A lot of the other neighborhoods are similar to NYC - where I'm from - so I had a hard time not seeing them as Not New York. 

But Georgetown is itself, its beautiful, snobby self. I like that.

The other person is a major contributing factor to How Much You Like Your Neighborhood. (I have a hunch it is actually the most important contributing factor. So important it made it onto our wedding invites.)

I never thought home could mean anywhere other than Manhattan, but this feels pretty alright. 

And I believe you know my feelings on the waterfront. 

We need a dog so we can take it here. Also so we can love it and be best friends with it.

So yeah. Pretty great.

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