Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Close-ups of Objects

I used a fixed lens, i.e. no zoom, and I highly recommend it. I sacrificed some technical abilities, because there are certain things I just can't really do the way I want or the way that would be the easiest, but in turn I've gained in confidence and creativity, because I have to find new ways to do things.  

Close-ups can be hard with my camera, so whenever some come out remotely well I'm really happy. Here are some of them.
A lot of these photos are the awkward loser photos that didn't fit into my other posts. Usually I do posts of photos that were all taken at the same time/place/event, and the post is about that experience. But sometimes there are photos I love that just don't fit into that story or really have a place anywhere. So today, some of those freaks have a home. I plan on doing more posts like this going forward - more about types of photos than documenting an experience. (But also, aren't these photos still in some way documenting an experience? And isn't all fiction in a sense non-fiction, and can any writing really be original since it comes from all the writing before it and we must place any artist among the dead, amiright TS Eliot fans? And don't we sometimes have to say something not entirely true to get our point across, and it doesn't really matter if it happened, because that's not the point? How do you tell a true war story, Tim O'Brien???)


  1. I always enjoy these. Your commentary cracks me up.

  2. They totally tell a story!