Monday, April 1, 2013

Snowburning with Lovely and Lou

Yes, there are a lot of spreadsheets and email campaigns and analytics. But there are also days like this. 

We'd been cooped up a while and it was time to get out. 
 (Also: I would also like to just put on the record that one person on this hike did NOT use those weird walking sticks. And I'll give you a hint: her name is Me.) 

Lovely even wore his fun sunglasses - guaranteed fun. (And to his credit, I would like to say that Lovely participated in no less than two conference calls on this hike.)

It wasn't an easy road to the top. In fact, it was really hard. And I got super sunburned. I didn't even know that was possible.

But beers at the top were pretty great.

As was the view. 
"Well, good job us!  Should we get some lunch?" I asked. "Wow. You really think we're going to get chow now." Lou said.  Lovely just laughed. 

(Apparently this was not for us.)

Nope, there were still hills to be conquered. 

And Lou had his one meal for the month, so he was fine.

But we did get lunch, and it was delicious. And yes, I will admit meals are a lot better after a real hike.

(Except for Diet Coke, which is always perfect. Especially when served as essentially an icey.)

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